Beaded Jewelry Necklaces by CarolynWelcome! I’m pleased to offer you a very unique selection of beaded jewelry necklaces to choose from on my site. All of these handmade beaded necklaces are my own design and additionally I have personally constructed each one.

The emphasis on my creations are quality, and not quantity. I specialize in making custom necklaces that will satisfy your special needs. You can choose from many beautiful cabochons that I have in stock as a starting point for a custom necklace, or if you know exactly what your necklace needs to look like, I am able to acquire the components to make that a reality.

My handmade beaded necklaces are made with great care, using only the finest materials.  You will find a wide variety of beaded jewelry necklaces to choose from ranging from simple and elegant glass bead necklaces to beautiful beaded cabochons enhanced with semi-precious stones, crystals, and elaborate fringe. Of course, each of my custom necklaces comes with a guarantee.

If you see a necklace that you like that has already been sold, just let me know and I can produce a very similar one for you. Just contact me with your desires.  Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions! -Carolyn-

Handmade Bead Jewelry

When you own Handmade Bead Jewelry designed and carefully crafted by me, you can be assured that you have a one of a kind creation that you will enjoy wearing frequently.

I know, without a doubt, that you will receive many “oohs and “aahs” from your friends and even total strangers when they see what you are wearing.

The beaded cabochon necklace below with fringe is an example of the unique design and quality finish that I incorporate into every piece that I make. The focal point of this necklace is the 30mm x 40mm Banded Agate beaded cabochon. It is backed with leather and carefully hand beaded in a style and colors that I chose to enhance the stone and capture its unique beauty and character.

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It has flowing fringe, which includes Swarovski crystals, smoky quartz and mother of pearl chips in colors to complement the cabochon. The necklace itself is made of black agate square tube beads, with Swarovski crystal and smoky quartz accent beads and is finished with a metal button and loop closure.  I often use vintage buttons for clasps as they are easy to put on and take off plus I enjoy selecting just the right one from my extensive button collection to be the perfect finishing touch for the necklace I have created.

Beaded Cabochons

I search the world over for Cabochons of unique beauty and quality.  The selection that I offer here will be continually changing, so check frequently in the “Cabochons Only” category as well as in “Beaded Cabochon Necklaces.”

Beaded Cabochons

I enjoy the challenge of designing a composition of supporting beadwork that will highlight and amplify the unique beauty of every beaded cabochon necklace that I make.

A note about the beaded jewelry necklace pictures on this site:  It is very difficult to exactly capture the level of flash and dazzle with a camera that are in each of my handmade necklaces, especially when I don’t have a professional photography studio.

I have tried to represent all the items for sale on this site the best I can with pictures, but it’s just not the same as seeing them in person.  That’s why I know you will be pleasantly surprised when you purchase one of my creations and see it for the first time.  This is especially true when you wear one of my necklaces outside or inside near bright lights – the sparkle and beauty is extremely eye catching, and I know you will be well pleased.